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SAFETY TIE - Secure ladders and scaffold towers safely - Safety at work!

Secure a ladder in seconds! Health & Safety while working at height made easier - Work Safe!


Tiger Engineered Products - Ladder Safety Tie

Ladder Safety Tie

  • Unique 360° grip
  • No wall plug needed
  • Quick and easy to fit and remove
  • Only tool required is a drill
  • Available in 10mm diameter
  • Safely secure ladders & light scaffold towers


According to the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), falls from height remain the most common accident causing fatal injuries. More than a quarter of these falls happen from un-safe ladders!

Tiger's innovative ladder safety tie allows you to safely secure the top and foot of the ladder / scaffold to maintain a safe working at height environment.

A secure scaffold is a safe scaffold!

"Think Tiger... Think Safe!"

Available in packs of 2
Safety Tie - TFSFT10100


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Ladder Safety Tie - Drill 10mm hole
STEP 2 - Click to view


Twist until fixing is firm & safe.

Ladder Safety Tie - Insert & Twist
STEP 3 - Click to view


Secure top of ladder or scaffold for safe working at height. (Suitable for light scaffold only)

Ladder Safety Tie - Secure top
STEP 3 - Click to view


Secure foot of ladder / scaffold to prevent ladder slipping and to increase ladder safety. Safely working on ladders just got easier! Be SAFE!

Ladder Safety Tie - Secure foot
Ladder Safety Tie

Tiger Engineered Products - Ladder / Scaffold Safety Tie

Ladder / Scaffold Safety Tie

Tiger Engineered Products - Ladder Safety Tie

Health and Safety at Work

Safety Tie Step 1 - Drill 10mm hole

Safe Ladders

Step 2 - Insert Safety Tie and twist

Working at Height

Step 3 - Secure top of ladder or scaffold tower

Working at height safety

Step 4 - Secure foot of ladder to prevent ladder slipping